The pillars

I’ll get there quicker by myself, but together we will go further

The team at Es Racó has always been reliable, customer-focussed and disciplined.

The kitchen team, led by our Chef Erwin, could be defined as the engineer officers of this vessel while the restaurant team, led by Ibra, stand out for their smiles and dedication in the face of all adversity, where speed and good humour are a permanent feature. Both Erwin and Antonia are the pillars of our success bringing together a devoted team. Success is only possible thanks to the hard work of all of the staff each day.

Erwin Sanchez, Guayaquil!

From a vintage as unique and exceptional as that of 1973, Erwin could not fail with a trajectory that would leave its mark wherever it went.

With a degree in Biology from the University of Guayaquil, he wandered into a kitchen in his hometown by chance. After 2 years of learning, Erwin decides to embark on a path outside of Ecuador to travel the world and discover, what always motivates us when leaving our home, new emotions, different cultures and continue growing in a world as enriching as that of the restoration.

Upon arriving on the island, in 2000, the easy thing would have been to apply his knowledge based on a great gastronomic culture such as that of Ecuador and replicate it in Mallorca, the easy thing would have been to do what he had in his blood … ceviches, mote rascal, locro de papa… but no, Erwin sought integration into a regional Mediterranean cuisine and managed, over the years, to be recognized as a great asset in the kitchen of any business.

During these last 15 years, Erwin has worked in renowned houses such as Fabrica 23 and Puro, where he was able to provide a clear differentiating element with his cooking techniques, his speed and his empathy with the team and his clients. During this tour he took the opportunity to approach the local product and the work of rice dishes. That if, depending on what other occasions more than one ceviche had to be made at the request of its customers!

Erwin opens a new stage as Associate Chef at Es Racó d’Es Port from February 2022.

Ibrahim Lafirai, Meknes!

Born in an imperial city and recognized as the most beautiful of all Moroccan cities, Ibrahim strictly follows the nobility and hospitality of his hometown, Meknes.

Born in an imperial city and recognized as the most beautiful of all Moroccan cities, Ibrahim strictly follows the nobility and hospitality of his hometown, Meknes.

During the winter of 2008, he put aside his professional boxing gloves for a little while to start a new life in Mallorca, and thus began his passion for hospitality, more specifically, cooking.

After 2 years spent in the kitchen of the Bistro del Puerto, Es Raco d’es Port took him on board as a waiter’s assistant. Since then, he has grown and dedicated these 11 years to developing exemplary professionalism, the most courteous and friendly service and, above all, loyalty to his team.

Since 2021, Ibra is the manager, a deserved promotion for his merit, more than obvious when you know him, trust.


Our team is dedicated to cater the best and most efficient service. If we fail, and this might happen, please forgive us since this would be a no natural behaviour from Es Raco.

Fish, tapas & rice dish restaurant with Mallorcan soul

The taste of the sea that has inspired our foundation since its inception.