María looked after the bar and her brother and sister-in-law, Gloria and Francisco, looked after the grocery store.

María looked after her customers in a tiny part of what Es Racó has become today. Her regulars, mostly fishermen, visited for their “reventats” and “herbes” so that weathering the storms was easier, less lonely. María already emanated kindness and a good reason to come back to dry land with her smile.

Gloria and Francisco had the other half of d´Es Racó, and there they sold groceries where the salted foods and pickles were the star products. A place without any pretensions, something simple but full of life, like the shops of the past. Both were a perfect match for everyone that visited the Port by sea since the family were so hospitable that it still continues to characterise the establishment today.

In the late 1980’s, Damián, María’s brother, and Francisco kept Es Racó to start a gastronomic workshop that would last until today. He found love in the heart of a French girl called Chantal, born in Marseilles and a professional Chef. Both built what we have today, a place of worship, an inevitable date and a great service, which continues María’s passion for serving her loyal friends of the past.

It has been almost 80 years since the story started to cement itself.

A bar and grocery store in the heart of a port full of seafaring life that ties us to the roots and our past and which, today, are stronger than ever.

Fish, tapas & rice dish restaurant with Mallorcan soul

The taste of the sea that has inspired our foundation since its inception.