The flavour of a tradition with a Naval spirit



30 years ago, a restaurant was born without any pretension other than to offer what Chantal, the Chef and founder of Es Racó, knew how to do best: offer home cooking without moving away from a classic elegance and providing an exquisite service to all of her acquaintances.

That’s how this wonderful story started during a hot summer in 1990 with a chef hostess and a single goal, to satisfy all of the customers that crossed the threshold thanks to her attitude and exquisite culinary knowledge.


With an offer focussed on the sea market, Mediterranean rice dishes and tapas, our mission was, is and will be, to be an impeccable ambassador. The time will depend on how long each person wants to spend savouring this gastronomic moment.


The product is the star and our fishermen know it

With two boats fishing from two different ports in Mallorca, the deliveries can vary each day because we operate under a clear discipline: to get the freshest fish and seafood and bring it to your table.

Fish, tapas & rice dish restaurant with Mallorcan soul

The freshness and flavour of the sea which has been such an inspiration to our foundation since its beginnings.